The issue of environment protection is not only one of the major topics in the scientific, economic, and political agendas these days. There are also singers and bands stressing the importance of taking care about the Nature in their musical creations. Here are some of the examples I like the most.
Let us start with “oldies but goldies”. Please welcome on the stage the German disco group “Boney M” with their single “We Kill the World (Don’t Kill the World)”.

Next, Michael Jackson tries to show us what we have done to the World in the “Earth Song”.

And finally, Jack Johnson tells us why we should use “The 3 R’s” in our daily life.

Of course, there are more songs on this topic appearing nowadays, which is a good trend – it contributes to raising awareness about the environmental issues in the global society. But, of course, it is not enough to just sing and listen about it; we should DO something about it! Like Boney M points out: “And don’t just talk. Go on and do! The one, who wins, is you”.



In the article “WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY… MAKE IT EVERY DAY!” I have written about the World Environment Day (WED) celebrated globally on the 5th of June. The upcoming WED 2010 is organized in Rwanda, Africa, under the theme: “Many Species. One Planet. One Future”.
You can watch a promotional video about WED 2010 HERE.

As I enjoy being part of this international campaign for environment protection, I was thinking of what can I do on this very day. And here are my ideas:
- Raise awareness about WED 2010 and in general about the environmental issue through this blog and other social media channels;
- Have another activity within the “Green Picnic” initiative at city parks;
- Finish my novel about current and future interrelations between Human and the Nature;
- Proceed further with my scientific work named “Companies and NGOs: The Synergy for Environmental Responsibility”;
- Continue acting in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, like no littering, turning off water and light when not needed, walking instead of using transport, etc. (check the Daily Do Something Tips for more examples).
Through these small and easy steps I have the opportunity to add my voice and hand to the global move for environment protection. Definitely, this is not enough, but it is just the beginning…

And what about YOU?
What will YOU do for WED 2010?



Every 9th of May, my birthday date, I travel around city parks, admiring the beauty of the Nature, enjoying the warm sunrays and fresh air, as well as picking litter on my way and throwing it in the garbage boxes afterwards. In this way I educate myself to be environmentally friendly and respect the Nature of my Motherland and abroad. This also brings other benefits, such as spending time in a healthy way and personal satisfaction of doing something small, but extremely needed for the surrounding World.
The year 2010. The 9th of May is approaching fast. But this time I have decided to share my approach of having this small positive impact on the environment with the others. Thus, the “Green Picnic” initiative has been born.

Green Picnic” is an environmental initiative aimed at self-education on being an environmentally-friendly citizen.
It can be practiced by any person and is represented in having a picnic at a local park, respecting the following rules:
1) No littering! – All garbage must be taken with you and thrown in the garbage boxes;
2) When leaving the place where you had had picnic, you must pick all the litter on your way and also throw it in the garbage boxes;
3) For food the natural products (fruits and vegetables) are preferred.
Benefits of the “Green Picnic” initiative:
1) Easy to implement;
2) Self-education on being environmentally friendly;
3) Keeps the parks and other public places clean;
4) Spending good time on fresh air together.

The first event of the initiative called “Green Picnic: The Roses Valley” will take place this 9th of May in the Chisinau park called “The Roses Valley”. It includes the picnic with litter-picking itself, as well as visiting the beautiful Memorial Complex to celebrate the Victory Day.
If you wish to join this event, please check the respective Facebook page “Green Picnic: The Roses Valley” and confirm your attendance.
Looking forward to seeing you together with us!